Donate Your Pearl Jewelry – It’s Eco-Friendly and Will Make Someone Happy!

This trade-in program is currently only available to our US customers.

What if you could get cash back on one of your pearl jewelry pieces, help save the planet and make someone happy all in one go? That’s what the Timeless Pearl trade-in system makes possible.

Pearl jewelry is timeless – just think of the elegance of a string of white pearls, a sight since even before the roaring twenties, when women started wearing multiple strings of pearls.  But despite its timeless quality, it’s also true that sometimes a piece of jewelry’s meaning can change for you. Perhaps you’ve broken up with that boyfriend, or you bought it for a specific event and you know you’ll never wear it again. Before you know it, there could be multiple pieces of jewelry that you just don’t wear anymore.

But don’t despair. Somewhere out there is someone that really needs or wants it, and Timeless Pearl will see that they get it. Just imagine what it can do for someone who now has something to wear to that important interview, or her first school dance. Our trade-in system means that everything traded back to us is donated to someone in need. So somewhere out there, a woman in need of something special is going to have her day made with the piece you decide you can do without. Now that’s a feel-good reason if ever you needed one! Here are two more reasons why it’s a good idea to trade in.


It’s Good for the Environment

Responsible pearl farming practices have come a long way, and pearl jewelry is the only organic jewels you can own. But waste is still a problem, and we can always do better. Every piece of jewelry that is created costs energy and natural resources, from production to transportation. Jewelry waste is hazardous for humans, animals, and the environment.  Donating your jewelry will minimize the environmental footprint of it and prevent the unnecessary use of energy during production and delivery of more jewelry.


You Get Something Back

Timeless pearl’s trade-in system means you could get anything between 30% and 80% of the original value of the jewelry back to spend on other pieces available at Timeless Pearl.  You could also ask for store credit if you can’t decide straight away, or choose replacement jewelry with the help of our friendly staff. Learn more about the trade-in system and how we grade it when you return it here.


Clear out Your Clutter and Make Someone’s Day

Are you ready to get started? The return process is very simple. Step one is to complete our quick trade-in form here. Once you get a return label, you can mail in your pearl jewelry. You will receive your cashback coupon within days.

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