Antique Is the New Modern This Mother’s Day

Long gone are the days where the word ‘antique’ is an insult. Nowadays, the older and more retro your look is, the better. Nothing says style like a piece of jewelry that may have been inherited from a well-to-do grandmother. But that piece of jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to be a real heirloom: many modern jewelry pieces reflect a stylish heritage, reminding us of days gone by, while still adhering to modern style rules. And pearls are just the jewels to do this for you. They are simple and elegant, and therefore often used to create a vintage, retro look while still retaining their modern edge – making them the perfect gift. What’s more, pearls symbolize fertility and are associated with rare, precious things (just think of phrases such as ‘pearls of wisdom’).

So why not celebrate Mother’s Day with a piece of antique style pearl jewelry? It may let your mom’s mind wander to a nostalgic memory. What it definitely will do, is tell her that she is precious to you and make her feel beautiful.

Here are some of our favorite vintage pieces on Timeless Pearl right now. And guess what? They are all part of a special Mother’s Day sale: Not only are they discounted, but if you spend $100 or more, you get $20 off!



This dazzling piece can be worn either as a necklace or a brooch and the teardrop pearls and shape of the golden pendant is not just vintage inspired, but also reminds of royalty. It gives off a lavish feeling of opulence and is perfectly suited to a formal blazer or a grand ballgown.

Timeless Pearl, pearl jewelry, antique jewelry, heirloom jewelry, Mother’s Day


The delicate curls encrusted with tiny zircon gemstones make this one a sparkler. Choose any color Edison pearl you like: pink, purple, bronze, gold, black or white. The yellow gold setting further underlines the vintage look. This ring is suited to someone who likes to make a statement.

Timeless Pearl, pearl jewelry, antique jewelry, heirloom jewelry, Mother’s Day


This beautiful piece looks like something the queen might wear on her hat. The lovely shape of the cherry blossom celebrates the season and the large white pearl in the middle is beyond glamorous. This brooch is for someone who is young at heart and likes to accessorize.

Timeless Pearl, pearl jewelry, antique jewelry, heirloom jewelry, Mother’s Day


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